Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench

BD850 diesel fuel injection pump test bench
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By employing high performance/low noise inverter and using Bosch advanced techniques
Our testbench has had more and more advantages, such as, wide range of adjustment speed,
stable speed, large torque outputting, easy operating and so on. This test bench used
digital indicators to display speed, counting, test oil temperature, pressure/vacuum and advance angles.
The test bench12PSDW series in it’s 12 cylinders with 5.5/7.5/11/15/18.5/22kw motor,
can start and test both in-line and rotary fuel injection pumps, for example,
Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, A, B, P, Z, VE pumps and so on, by employing the suitable accessories.
2. Main function
1. Measurement of each cylinder delivery at any speed.
2. Test point and interval angle of oil supply of injection pump.
3. Checking and adjust the mechanical governor.
4. Checking and adjusting the distributor pump.
5. .Experiment and adjusting of behavior of supercharging and compensatory device.
6. Measurement of oil return of distributing pump
7. Testing of the electromagnetic valve of distributor pump.(12V/24V)
8. Measurement of the internal pressure of distributor pump.
9. Checking of the advance angle of advance device.(on request)
10. Checking the sealing of injection pump body
11. Install tube of auto-sucking oil supply can check on oil supply pump(including VE pump.)
12. Checking the travel of stroke (on request)
1. Chaning frequency changing rotational speed
2. Low fall of rotational speed and high output torque
3. High measurement precision;
4. The functions of over voltage, overload and short circuit protection;
5. Ten classes Rotation speeds presetting;
6. Constant temperature controlled;
7. Ultra low noise;
8. Operating position: arbitrary side of the two work sides of the test stand;
9. Rotation speed, count, temperature, air pressure, advance angle and rack travel
are measured and controlled by computers in real time, then displayed by digital controller.
10. Built-in air resource;
11. All data can be made into reports and printed;
12. Automatically generating and displaying speed characteristics curve;( tooth bar  stroke)
13. The data of the pumps can be saved, modified and obtained pump database;

14. It is very easy to find the data of the pumps in pumps database;

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